Artist Profiles: Shorts on Bikes

Riding the Long White Cloud, Thoughts on My Bike, Véronique à vélo, There Goes an Asshole and “Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix)” by LCD Soundsystem will screen on June 22, 2011 at The Plaza Theatre Shorts On Bikes. Here is more on the artists behind the shorts:

'Riding the Long White Cloud' Dir. Alex Craig

Aberdeen born director Alex Craig claims to have never had a plan. He has been driven by an obsession to observe, capture and manipulate images through the medium of film and television.

In 1999 he made his first trip to Canada where he met long-term collaborator Corey Adams. This trip inspired yearly visits during which the pair made a variety of off beat short films including the “Of Wolf & Limb” in 2002; “Swampdonkey,” a series of 24 webisodes in 2003; and the feature “Harvey Spannos” in 2005, winner of the FUEL TV Experiment. During the period of 1999 to 2007, Alex split his time between working on personal film projects and freelancing for major broadcasters in the UK, filming and directing documentaries, including the acclaimed series “Unsloved” in 2007 for STV.

He was instrumental in setting up a community-based media arts project, SHMU, in Aberdeen. Where he mentored groups of young people in film making. In 2007,  Alex relocated to Vancouver, Canada to work alongside Corey in their first feature film Machotaildrop which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2009.

Recently, he has continued his passion for capturing skateboarding culture on film with Riding the Long White Cloud a documentary and Britannia Beach Ramp

'Thoughts on My Bike' Dir. Andrea Dorfman

Andrea Dorfman is an artist and filmmaker, making experimental and dramatic short films, two feature fims – Parsley Days (2000) and Love That Boy (2003) – as well as a documentary, Sluts (2005). She is currently working in animation at the National Film Board of Canada and developing her third feature film, Harmony, with screenwriter, Jennifer Deyell. She teaches film and video at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and isone of 4 co-creators of Blowhard, a thematic storytelling series. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with a cat, a dog, some fish,  boyfriend, Dave, and (half of the time) his kids Max and Sydney. For more on Andrea and her work visit:

"Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix)" by LCD Soundsystem Dir. Daniel Garica

Daniel Garcia is a New York based director specializing in developing content for today’s leading and emerging brands. Garcia’s work brings a designer’s eye to his directorial work with a style that gracefully transcends the divide between animation and live action with clean lines, fluid forms and crisp cinematography. Recently he has completed projects for bands including TV on the Radio, LCD Soundsystem, Flying Lotus, Cults, The Go! Team, and J Dilla. His commercial work includes still and motion-based projects for Nike, Converse, Nokia, Jim Beam and PlayStation.

Véronique à vélo Dir. Chrystene Ells and Berny Hi

Chrystene Ells(filmmaker) grew up on a cattle ranch in Alberta before moving to San Francisco, where she worked as a traditional special effects artist fabricating creatures, models, and stop motion puppets for George Lucas’ effects shop and the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, among others. A theatre director, producer, puppeteer and actress, Chrystene shifted her personal art practice focus to filmmaking and animation in 1997, making several documentaries, narratives and animations, and earning a degree in Animation and Visual Effects. In 2006 Chrystene moved to Regina from California to go for broke in delving into a long-time dream film project: Sisu – the death of Tom Sukanen (2009), based on a true Depression-era Saskatchewan story. She completed the film in three years as an MFA Thesis project in Interdisciplinary Studies (Film/Theatre/Visual Art), for which she was awarded the 2010 Governor General’s Academic Gold Medal. Chrystene has thoroughly enjoyed her first truly post-grad school Saskatchewan summer exploring analogue filmmaking, from shooting with a Bolex to hand-processing. She is currently in preproduction on Crow’s Nest, an animated short created with traditional art media and shot on film.

Berny Hi [filmmaker] is currently stationed in the prairies, happily working at the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative as Production Coordinator. Berny often develops and leads workshops in the art of filmmaking. His latest intensive workshop, Film Retreat: Rapture, brought artists away from the city to develop technique and artistic intent at a rustic log cabin near Cypress Hills where the participants shot 16mm film, hand-processed, and screened. Currently, Berny Hi is working on a 16mm moving painting entitled Cabin Fever and slowly creating bi-monthly film logs [Flogging] on Super 8mm.

There Goes An Asshole Dir. Daniel Saks

Daniel Saks is the founder and front man of the New-York based band Deleon, whose musical style has been described as: pre-Inquisition Sephardic Jewish folk songs and re-casted as indie rock compositions and Shank Bone Mystic to which he composed the music that accompanies his first short ‘There Goes an Asshole’. After having the tires stolen from his bike, Saks obtained security footage and wrote a song to accompany the short.

Sarah Harrison of writes: Who among us has not had a bike stolen or vandalized? When Shank Bone Mystic, a Brooklyn-based musician, had the wheels from his bike taken, he was able to obtain footage from a nearby security camera that filmed the whole thing, including several passers-by who didn’t see the theft-in-process, or noticed but didn’t do anything. Shank Bone put his feelings to music and put the music on the footage, creating the universal lament “There Goes an Asshole.”

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